Play the first social game collection in the world! Explore 5 brilliant worlds and master 35 daring mini-games.

Adventure Planet delivers the mini-gaming experience you've been dreaming of. Master each of the 35 mini-games, conquer all 5 worlds, and unlock the ultimate secrets of a planet brimming with adventure!

Practice by yourself, and then invite friends to play and compete. As you earn stars and improve your skills, you unlock new games and new worlds. You and your buddies can race a Hopper on Tropical Island, play Hockey on Ice Island, go for a hole-in-one on the Lava Island Mini Golf course, visit Desert Island for a game of Bubble Shooter, get into a Balloon Fight on Cosmic Island, and much more!

The game is constantly evolving and regular updates will add new content, including more games and worlds to explore.

This is the best and most diverse collection of mini-games available. Who will triumph and be proclaimed the KING OF ADVENTURE WORLD?!?


  • Infinite replayability with 35 thrilling action, reflex, thinking, and strategy mini-games!
  • Gorgeously themed islands (tropical, ice, lava, desert, cosmic).
  • Social integration that lets you compete with friends in the leaderboards and to become the king of each island.
  • Once downloaded, all games can be played offline!
  • Stunning hand-drawn graphics and animations.
  • New updates with even more games already under development!
  • Fans of Tap the Frog or 101-in-1 games will immediately understand the concept, but our collection has an entirely new, innovative structure!
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  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • Android/Google Store
  • Available
  • June 9th 2016
  • Puzzle/Arcade
Teyon - Adventure Planet
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