Master the art of flying with Mojo!

When Mojo realizes his friends from the flock set out to Africa for a vacation, he begins a frantic chase to join them! Fly faster and faster, dash, soar, glide, and collect all bonuses. How far can you get in pursuit of a delightful vacation?  Bird Mania 3D is a skill-based action game where you steer a little birdy on his way to Africa. Keep him out of trouble for as long as possible and beat your best score! You will be hypnotized for long hours while trying to collect all bonuses and avoid obstacles. And if you really want to perfect the art of flying, try to get all the achievements. Beware, it is totally addictive!

  • NintendoLife (8/10): "Bird Mania 3D is the most pleasant kind of surprise: simple, fun, addictive and inexpensive. Charmingly simple yet rewardingly versatile gameplay overcomes any concerns we might have had. For a fast and fun score attack game, you really can't do any better."
  • FanBolt (8/10): "(..) it's a lot of fun to play through over and over again and it won't get to tiring too fast. It's also a title that is so easy to pick up and play at any time, especially if you only have a few minutes to burn which is about all the time it takes."
  • (5/5): "Bird Mania 3D is a fast paced, addictive, and fun pick up and play game worth every penny of that $2!"
  • Myvideogamenews (8/10): "All in all Bird Mania 3D is a outstanding addition to the 3DS eShop. The game is beautiful, addicting, inexpensive, fast paced and a fun to play."
  • Panic Gamer (7.7/10): "This is the kind of game that has longevity because while your main games will change over time this is one that you’ll keep coming back to. For 2 bucks this is a game that’s worth having in your 3DS library."


  • Great graphics combining 3D effect and hand-drawn images
  • Over 20 achievements and extra bonuses to unlock
  • Instantly addictive gameplay: fly, dash and collect!
  • Easy to use interface and controls
  • Highscore tracking
  • Service
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • 3DS/eShop
  • Available
  • May 3rd 2012
  • Action/Arcade
Mild Fantasy Violence
ONLY $0.99
Teyon - Bird Mania 3D
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