Fast, deadly and unrelenting combat!

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is a super fast playing, high intensity on-rails shooter set in modern-day Afghanistan. Whether fighting up close and personal with guns and grenades, raining down fire from a helicopter or laying waste with a main battle tank, Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is all about battle.

The constant edge-of-the-seat action and beautiful graphics combined with straightforward, intuitive controls give hardcore gamers and novices alike an immediately fun, pickup-and-play experience.

Stay sharp in this blisteringly fast-paced modern day shooter. Protect your team as you move from cover to cover, eliminating threats as they appear! Fight on foot or in a variety of vehicles including tanks, helicopters, and APCs. Utilize weapons ranging from handguns to mounted cannons and grenades to stay alive, keep fighting, and complete your mission.


  • 24 missions featuring Exclusive Multi-Cover System
  • Experience gut-wrenching, fast-paced action set in modern-day Afghanistan
  • Fight on foot. Fight by tank, assault vehicle, and helicopter
  • More than 60 awards, ranks, and equipment upgrades
  • Co-op multiplayer play for up to 4 players
  • High quality graphics designed for 1080p
  • Steam Cloud, Leaderboards, Achievements & Trading Cards!
  • Full controller support
  • Service
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • PC/Steam
  • Available
  • Aug 15th, 2014
  • Shooter/Action
Mild Language
Teyon - Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

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