Find new cute friends among teddy bears!

There is great excitement in the backyard. Teddy bears that inhibit this neighborhood have started playing crazy games. The game allows you to steer one of many funny teddy bears and play with up to 16 friends on one dance mat! If you want direct competition then you can plug two dance mats into your PC or Mac and compete in real time.


  • Play 10 exciting mini-games like football, skate board, trolley roller, hop and squeeze, great leap and more
  • 3 modes of game-play: Single-player, Two Players and Olympiad
  • Customize your teddy bear. There are over 2 million combinations!
  • Choose from 10 colors of skin, 12 hats, 14 shirts, 14 shorts, 15 types of sunglasses and 4 add-ons
  • Intuitive controls with a dance mat
  • 3 balanced levels of difficulty (kids can compete with adults)
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • PC
  • Available
  • 2009
  • Sports/Fitness/Family Games
Teyon - Hubert the Teddy Bear: Backyard Games

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