A terrible Darkness awakens in Egypt!

Can you unlock ancient puzzles and solve devious riddles to defeat this evil?

Ancient Egypt, the Age of Pharaohs. Darkness threatens the land. The Order of Priests trick this evil energy and confine it deep underground, there to slumber in the eternal subterranean night...

Egypt 1932, a time of adventure. After 3000 years, the evil is awakened – now only you can stop it! Ancient puzzles guard the mighty Crystals of Power. Journey to the Port, Oasis, Temple, Pyramid and finally the Sphinx itself to collect the pieces needed to defeat the Darkness once and for all.


  • Player's comment at GameHouse.com: "LOVED this game. It's about time for something challenging yet different! Pay attention and write down details in surrounding environment for clues to puzzles - but even if you overlook something, there's a built-in walkthrough to this game. Too bad there aren't more games like this!"
  • Players's comment at WiltTangent.com: "This was a treasure."
  • Players's comment at BigFishGames.com: "This is puzzle maniac’s dream game. You literally solve one puzzle after another."
  • Players's comment at BigFishGames.com: "Thank you Big Fish for yet another opportunity to purchase a brilliantly refreshing game."


  • Investigate 5 unique worlds filled with deadly traps
  • Over 75 clever puzzles and mini-games to solve
  • Earn rewards for 17+ achievements
  • Track your progress as you collect Crystals of Power
  • Vivid graphics and a seductive soundtrack
  • Up to 5 hours of captivating puzzle play on your iOS
  • Service
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Available
  • Feb 5th 2016
  • Adventure/Puzzle
Teyon - Riddles of Egypt
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