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Rambo® The Video Game

RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME is a fixed-perspective, first-person shooter & action game allowing players to fill the combat boots of John Rambo on a violent journey through iconic action sequences from the original three legendary Rambo movies.

Platform: PC/PS3
Status: Available
Release Date: Apr 29th 2014
Genre: Shooter

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear

Your spy has stolen the secret plans to an Iranian nuclear weapons facility. Fight your way into the enemy base using all of the tools at your disposal including machine guns, sniper rifles, helicopters, tanks, the mighty AC-130, night vision goggles, and more!
Platform: PC/X360/PS3
Status: Available
Release Date: Jan 29th 2013
Genre: Shooter/Action

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is all about constant, edge-of-the-seat action and beautiful graphics combined with straightforward, intuitive controls to give hardcore gamers and novices an immediately fun, pickup-and-play experience.
Platform: PC/PS3/Wii
Status: Available
Release Date: Nov 15th 2011
Genre: Shooter/Action